Thomas O’Malley (UK)

Steel Mage/ Session bassist

Overload Guitars immediately captivated me with their distinct and powerful sound, standing out among other instruments I’ve played. The bass models offered by Overload not only deliver a unique sonic character but also provide the perfect blend of tone and playability I’ve long sought after. With their intuitive EQ controls, I effortlessly dial in the ideal sound for any musical genre, whether it’s the relentless aggression of death metal or the groovy rhythms of funk. As someone of smaller stature, the headless design of Overload basses fits me perfectly, offering enhanced comfort and playability. The combination of the single-cut design, neck profile, and heavy body imbues each note with incredible resonance and sustain, elevating my performance to new heights. What truly sets Overload apart, however, is their genuine commitment to their artists and endorsees. They foster a sense of family and support, actively listening to our needs and desires, and going above and beyond to accommodate them. It’s this dedication to craftsmanship and community that makes Overload Guitars not just an instrument manufacturer, but a trusted partner in my musical journey.