You dream it, We build it.


Overload guitars company is born from the idea of Matteo Dondi, luthier and audio engineer, in Rome, Italy.
The founder, Matteo, once graduated in audio engineering and worked in a recording studio for years, he decided to build a couple of instrument in the warehouse of the studio. Fascinated by the building process, cad and cam programs, in 2012 he decide to dedicate the whole time to design, develop and building Instruments. Now Overload is a 2 luthiers company , working at your instrument with love and passion.
Each guitar is build just for you, on your specifics. You dream it, we build it.
We are really proud to have one the largest choice of custom options on the guitars market.

How we made it

Every guitars starts from an idea and its relative sketch. We listen every customer request and we develop them, trying to give them the best combination between aesthetics, functionality and sound.

In order to give the best quality we start doing the rough cut with a professional cnc machine, and find the perfect balance between machines and…

…hand working. All the instruments are hand sanded, fretted, refined and loaded by hands.

Every guitar are checked , and painted by us, reaching the best and durable finish , at lowest thickness.

The most attention is paid when we load our instrument. The best electronics material and the best tin is used for soldering our instruments. All instruments are tested and tuned by our professional luthier , ensuring the best playing experience.

Your dream instruments is ready to be shipped.