Kells Choy (HK)

Perish of Empyrean

-About me and the band:

Guitarist of a Symphonic black/death metal band “Perish of Empyrean

I’m a founder and composer of “Perish of Empyrean” and also a guitar private teacher ,based in Hong Kong.
Perish of Empyrean is a Symphonic black/death metal band  formed in 2019 .We released a debut single “Call From The Abandoned” in Jan 2021 .And the new single is recorded by using Overload Rea6 !

-Comment for the Rea6:

Overload Rea 6 probably the best guitar I ever have!
The build quality and playability are top notch.
The buckeye burl top , pale moon ebony fingerboard looks amazing and unique .The custom logo on the fretboard has incredible details .With Bare knuckle ragnarok ,it sounds devastatingly tight ,aggressive ,powerful and huge . Drop top and shape of the guitar offers a comfortable touch.

 This guitar still amazes me every time I play it anreally enable me to express myself fully.

I’m lucky to own it and very proud to be part of the Overload’s family.