Eugene Abdukhanov (UKR)


Overload Guitars is proud to annunce a deal with Eugene Abdukhanov, bassis from the ukrainian metalcore Band “Jinjer”.

Eugene commented on his new Taurus:

“For many years I could not get enough lows on any 4-string bass in drop C tuning, especially compared with 5-string instruments in drop A.
But with my Taurus by Overload Guitars the lows can easily shake Earth! Add to this awesome articulation and most importantly a unique character and tone, here is probably the best 4-string bass I have ever played.”


We start to collaborate with Eugene in the first half of 2019 building for him a Taurus 4 for his drop C song. Then after he seen the quality and the sound on that instrument he propose us to develop a new model, single cut and with a unique and hammering sound: the idea of the Achilles was born.
We spent months to develop a design he liked and we decided to made the first ever Overload signature model.
It was a really hard challange to work with a such a great musician like Eugene and we are more than honored to present you the Achilles 5 Eugene – jinjer signature.

Enjoy it