Boštjančić Roberto ( HR )


We are so pleased to welcome in our family , sucha great and unique bass palyer ,Roberto.

roberto says : “Ever since I heard the intro to NIB by Black Sabbath I knew bass guitar was my instrument. After years of finding my style and developing my technique I stumbled upon Sean Malone, Gary Willis and Jaco Pastorius who amazed me with their fretless bass sound and I knew that’s the bass guitar I wanted to play. Later when I heard Beyond creation with their former bassist Dominic “Forest” Lapointe I saw how great fretless sounds in tech death. I found motivation to push myself to even greater heights, which allowed me and my best friend to create a tech death band Omnivore in 2021. with the goal of bringing awareness to the damage we as humans do to nature and our planet. With 3 singles out in 2023. We plan on releasing a 4th single along with a bass/guitar playthrough and a full album in 2024.
We are focusing on creating strong online presence with a healthy community of tech death lovers.”