Alexandre Gaudencio (FR)


The Achilles bass is a very well balanced, modern and aggressive instrument that allows me to get the comfort I need on a long scale (37″ to 34″) without making any compromise on the sound.
The swamp ash body allows me to have a great mid and top range while still maintaining the low end growls. This is a great piece to go with the magnificent buckeye burl top, and nicely combine into a great tonal quality combo.
That pair is topped up with a Wenge + Padouk neck equipped with a birdseye maple fretboard as the cheery on top. The bass looks all natural and still but believe me when I say that it has enough power to make you shake for hours.
I have been able to play this bass for hours on end without tension whatsoever as it holds itself perfectly. The Nordstrand Big Blades combined with the Darkglass Tone Capsule pre-amp give me the presence and punch I wanted while still allowing me to go from agressive to smooth settings whenever the music requires it.
I’m thankful for Matteo and the team for their incredible craftsmanship and kindness! Matteo was always available to advise, and discuss details and idea and on top of that to try new stuff on this bass.
I am honoured to be working with Overload and such skilled and kind people, and look forward to a bright future.
Alex – Mobius