Pat De Jonge

Jazz/fusion/rock guitarist from Belgium

He’s been recording and touring extensively with Uncle Meat and Suburban Prejudice. He now plays guitar in the new wave band Projekt80, the Cuban fusion collective BMW and he plays bass for the death metal band Emeth.
He is also involved in various jazz projects does studio productions and guitar recordings.
The custom guitar realized for Pat is a Rea 6-string Bolt-on.

“I wanted a unique, versatile and extremely reliable guitar for the sessions I do. Strings need to stay in tune and not break easily. The trem shouldn’t detune the guitar, the guitar should have a modern setup, low action and have a fast neck. I wanted a bolt-on. For pickups I needed a warm neck humbucker for the jazzier tones, and a modern fusion-like bridge pickup. I found all this in the Rea6 with Bare Knuckle pickups. On top of this it has stunner looks and top quality craftmanship! “

Pat is also a proud owner of an outstanding Themis 6.

“Soon after I wanted a headless guitar for easy traveling on flights. I tried one of the first Themis models Matteo build when I was at his workshop. I was sold then and there! The guitar he made me blew me away, totally! It exceeded all my expectations and wishes! He even threw in a custom made cocobolo inlay …to die for!
Studying the guitar and all the aspects of playing it requires an instrument that inspires you to keep pushing forward. Overload Custom Guitars deliver all that in spades! I can’t thank Matteo enough for all his hard work, he truly is an exceptional artist!“