Serj Lundgren - Brvmak

Overload Artist - Serj Lundgren - Brvmak (IT)



The custom guitar realized for Serj is a Volcano 7 Baritone.

Serj commented on his new guitar:

“As a guitar collector I’ve tried a lot of combination of sounds, from hi-output passive pickups to the most famous active ones, from dark mahogany to the brighter alder or ash, searching for the perfect configuration I’ve never found.. When I’ve got the possibility to custom order a perfect well balanced instrument, according to my style of playing and the sound I need, I choose bright woods for body and neck (northern ash for body and maple for neck), for a more metallic sound in order to give expression of coldness of my music, the absolutely black ebony fingerboard for the stunning look and singular sound and the Instrumental SFTY3 Passive pickups, that have the perfect output to give me a great distortion and brilliant clean, really important for Brvmak’s sound.“

“Overload’s luthiers also put on my guitar a very important feature for me, the Seal of Lucifer custom inlay, for protecting and inspiriting my music and life. Obviously guitar comes with the perfect set-up and case plus accessories. Thanks a lot to these guy, they are real artists working for artists! “

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