Marco Ferro - MMI Music Teacher

Overload Artist - Marco Ferro - MMI Music Teacher


MMI Music Teacher

Overload Guitars is proud to annunce a deal with Marco Ferro, a young music teacher at the Modern Music Institute in Tuscany, and guitarist of the Prograssive Metal band Symbiotic”.

Marco commented on his new Raijin 7:

“"Since I played one of the first Rea models Matteo gave me, I knew I would like to have an Overload's instrument.
I chose the Raijin 7 model which attracted me the most: pointy, aggressive looking but still classy guitar, with all the features you would expect from a raging metal machine. The overall quality of the instrument is stunning, from the hardware to the precise craftmanship that gives to the guitar a unique blend of feel and reliability.
On top of that not only it sounds great, but is also really great looking! I feel very fortunate to be part of Overload's family.”


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