Gian Granados - Anima Tempo

Overload Artist - Gian Granados - Anima Tempo

Gian Granados (MEX)

Anima Tempo

Gian Granados, guitar player of the mexican band Anima Tempo, is now a member of the Overload Guitars Family!

Granados is one of the founder and guitarist of the experimental progressive death metal Anima Tempo, based in Mexico. Anima Tempo released their new LP, "Caged in Memories", wotch they promoted with a 3-day tour in Japan, and a tour in Europe, with the supporting italian band, Theia. They also hit the stage of the 2016 Euroblast in Germany.
In early 2017 Anima Tempo announced that the band is in studio working on the new album, which it will be realese in late 2017

The custom guitar realized for Gian Granados is a Raijin 7-string .
He commented on his new guitar:

“Since the first time I heard an Overload guitar I really fell in love with the sound and designs and I remember me saying: "definetely I need get one Overload Guitar on my hands". Now I have a Raijin 7 custom model builded with my own specs and I must say I feel Ultra Hyped with my new guitar: Confortable, killer design, wild sounds, amazing low end and much more clarity on my notes. If you are looking for all this options in one guitar then you must give a chance to Overload Guitars. For me, this is the best option and I feel extremely happy to be part of the family.“

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