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Overload Guitars is proud to annunce a deal with Daniele Presutti, guitarist and singer of the Band “Resumed”.

Resumed is an italian technical/progressive death metal band, whose musical style could be described as a mixture of sounds coming from old school death metal with progressive and fusion influences.
All of the band’s compositions are highly focused on instrumental technique and musical experimentation, using intricate structures, to build strong listening experience.
After the debut album Alienations, which brought the 4-piece to the attention of the metal community and on stage with names as Nile, Suffocation, Vader, Avatar and more, Resumed is now ready to uncover their new musical chapter, the epic concept album Year Zero, produced by Stefano Morabito and released on Mighty Music

The custom guitar realized for Daniele is a Rea 6-string.
Daniele commented on his new axe:

“I’m very happy to be part of the Overload family. From the first time I picked up a Rea, I immediately fell in love for its feature shape.
So I decided to combine it with a poplar-burl top with inferno-burst finish and black-stain finish on the back to emphasize the natural grain of the wood.
It is a very comfortable and functional guitar. The neckthru construction with neck to 5 laminated, carbon reinforced and the ash wood combined with the Jaggernaut pick-up allows this instrument to have a very defined and versatile aggressive sound thanks to coil-tap switches.
The ebony fretboard with medium jumbo stainless steel and coumpound radius make it very precise and sliding.
In short, it's the perfect guitar for my musical performances."

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