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Poison Garden

Sir Damian, founder and guitarist of first italian steampunk band "Poison Garden", is proud to join the Overload Family.

Damiano Bianchi aka Sir. Damian is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer born in Rome in 1980. From the late ninenties he wrote and record several albums and he played billions of gigs all around the World. As a guitarist he is not a shredder but damn if he knows what it means to have a guitar that screams.

Poison Garden released its first single "Days Of Steam” on March 2013 and played tirelessly from December 2013 on throughout the World, including at the world's biggest Steampunk event, the "Steampunk World's Fair" based in New York. After 4 years of live shows, they released their debut album "A Victorian Carol” for Trisol Music Group on 28th February 2017, defining the canons of Steampunk music in Europe. Poison Garden’s music can be defined as follows: "

What a gramophone would have played if rock was born two centuries ago; a modern sound sunk in the noise of an alternative past.” A mix of the latest trends in Modern Rock with the grotesque atmospheres typical of Tim Burton's movies.

“My Overload REA is way more than a simple guitar, is a partner, the perfect companion of a thousand adventures. Matteo is like a brother to me and togheter we managed to build a guitar with a stunning aspect and a great sound and playability.
The detail are simple peaces of art, like the cogs on th 12th frets, yes real cogs sunk in trasparent resin, and the beautiful engraving on the ebony top. I’m proud everytime I go to a stage to play this guitar.

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