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A Night In The Abyss

Overload Guitars is proud to annunce a deal with Chris Homer, guitarist from british Deathcore band “A Night In The Abyss”.
Chris Homer joined the band in 2013. They released their first EP, “Theophagy”, in 2015, and it followed the music video “Vessel For Evil”. In 2016 A Night In The Abyss released their debut full length “Necropolis” which is now available through Hollowed Records.

The custom guitar realized for him is a Raijin 7-string Baritone.
Chris commented on his new axe:

“"Hagirth" the demon of jealousy embodied into a guitar! What can I say? Working with Matteo to build my dream guitar was so easy and the final result is incredible.

As a lover of guitars I have been through so many high end luthier built guitars and custom shops and this by far takes the cake.
Almost as an extension to my body, it plays effortlessly and the tone is just crushing yet so clear and dynamically full. On top of that Not only does it play and sound incredibly but just look at it!

Truly a company made by musicians for musicians, incredible build times and incredible prices.

A must for all guitarists and an absolute must for METAL!


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