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Overload Artist - Daniele 'Bobo' Monaldi - Shakrs in Your Mouth


Sharks in Your Mouth

Overload Guitars is proud to annunce a deal with Daniele "Bobo" Monaldi, guitarist from the italian Band “Sharks in Your Mouth”.

From post-hardcore to djent, Sharks In Your Mouth, never stops to improve their sound and style.
Starting from ‘Promises’, (2016) the first album of the band, basically metalcore with post- hardcore influences, the boys begin their journey to find the ultimate sound, wich they create with the second full-length ‘Sacrilegious’, to be released in 2019.
The theme and concept of the band is what they call ‘The Covenant’ giving name to the quintet’s fandom, ‘Covenants’. A gathering of people against injustice, racism, depression and loneliness of life whose wants to unify the world. Symbology is very important, a unique musical brand that many people around the world started to tattoo on their skin.
The story and symbolism of Sharks In Your Mouth is narrated on their official music videos and lyrics and they want to keep telling their story as the band continue to grown...

Daniele commented on his new Rea: "The Rea 7 is an amazingly solid and huge sounding guitar. Massive but not too heavy in weight the Rea model is a comfortable weapon in your arsenal.
Made in mahogany body, this instrument has a very warm yet not too muddy sound. The poplar burl red satin top really balance the dark nature of the body.
Hipshot bridge to keep a low action without loosing sustain and 6pcs bolt-on neck (Wenge, Padouk) that tightens up your palm muting. A gorgeous looking Fretboard in Pale Moon remain smooth and firm under the fingers.
Ragnarok Bareknuckle pickups give to this guitar enough clarity to perfectly balance the sound, my palm mutings are big and warm but yet tight on the high frequencies. With a "Sharks in your mouth" custom logo, made in padouk, this guitar looks amazing especially on a pale moon fretboard. Heavy chugs and fast riffing have never been so easy to be played, all of this without fatigueing too much your right hand."

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