Alessandro Castelli - Adimiron

Alessandro Castelli - Adimiron - Guitar

Alessandro Castelli (IT)


Alessandro Castelli, guitarist, composer and founder of the extreme progressive band "ADIMIRON" is proud to join the Overload Family.

The custom guitar realized for him is a Rea 7-string Multiscale.
The band has been playing their Overload Models since the final tranche of their latest album’s recording sessions and they'll definitely use them also for the composition of the upcoming Adimiron chapter and for touring.

Alessandro comments:“After being a fanned 7-strings ambassador in Italy for years, now it feels really great to be a part of the right company‘s roster. I have always had an eye on "Overload" since its beginning and I've always thought that their expert craftsmanship is something to truly behold. In addition, Overload builds great and very valuable instruments and they are always delivered with a great setup and action. This Rea 7 is equipped with the Overload pickups that gives me the smooth and eclectic sound I was looking for. A very big thanks to Matteo and his staff for providing us with this amazing creature!”.

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